Hello and Welcome to my portfolio :)

-------- Motion Graphics --------

Ferris Wheel at Night

Server Room Coming to Life

Cell DNA Multiplying

Radio Telescope Time-lapse at Night

Arrow Through Hearts RGB + Alpha

Black Snake in Slow Motion

Golf: Final Shots – 2 clips

-------- 3D Models --------

Detailed Tourbillon Watch 3D Model

Animated Semi-transparent Colorful Fish

Fokker DII Aircraft

Virtual Reality HMD Headset 3D Model

Animated Realistic Gun

Animated Windmills V-ray

Highly Detailed Radio Telescope

Golden Gate

-------- PSDs --------

Flying Banners 5 PSD Mock-Ups

Real-time Symmetric Painting

8 Responsive Website Mockup PSDs with depth channel

SmartPhone Layered Mock-ups.

3D Frames Photoshop Action

Skateboard 8 Layered Mock-ups

Fire Extinguisher PSD – PNG

-----— Cinema 4D Templates ----—-

Coffee Logo Template

Notebook Template

Flip Board -Text Reveal

Dangling Text (Cinema 4D)

Audio Visualization Template

Animated Magazine Template

Chips Packs Template + PSD

-------- Cinema 4D Studios --------

Open Magazine Render Setup

Leather Render Setup

Foggy Road Render Setup

Animate Suburb Render Setup

Garage Render Setup

Vray and Standard Silky Render Setup

3DOcean Rotating Studio (v-ray – standard)

Clean Infinite Studio

-------- HDRIs --------

Server Room

Snowy Road

Lit – Unlit Room


Long Corridor