Animated Magazine Template

Animated Magazine Template

A flexible Animated magazine template, with easy steps, and many variables to suit whichever project you’re working on .

Main Features:

  • Multiple templates based on page count (2 – 6 – 12 – 18) .
  • Multiple templates based on GI settings (gi – false gi) .
  • Multiple Cameras (2 motions – 1 steady) .
  • Layered PSDs for front, back cover and each page .
  • Natural animation .
  • Clean infinite studio .
  • Organized and easy to use .
  • 6 inanimate poses in “obj” file format (Closed – half open – completely open – flipping – almost closed – completely closed)
  • Help file

Global Illumination compensation:

  • This allows you to render without GI, for faster results, the material settings in the (false GI) files have been altered to compensate the illumination caused by normal GI
  • bear in mind that these settings may not provide ideal results in all cases, depending on the page content, so some tweaks may need to be made .
  • A help file is included to illustrate the details in depth .
  • Created in Cinema 4D R14, the page flipping animation can be read in earlier C4D releases, however the motion cameras require a version of C4D which can read motion camera tags .

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